MikroTik Training

5-Day RouterOS Advanced Workshop

Link Technologies, Inc., offers the best private RouterOS training. Our 5-Day RouterOS Workshop allows your engineers, techs and IT professionals to learn RouterOS in a week long course, designed with lecture time, lab workbooks, and comprehensive coverage of the RouterOS software. Our trainer, Dennis Burgess, is the author of "Learn RouterOS”, the first and only RouterOS book on the market. From years of experience running Wireless ISPs, running servers and WAN networks in the enterprise market, and consulting for countless WISP and ISPs using RouterOS, Dennis Burgess is one of the best in the industry. What better person to handle the training of your staff!

We offer several packages in RouterOS Training. This includes comprehensive venue setup, tear-down, and training, to your companies own organized training program. We will customize the training for your organization, or use tested training materials to help your students get the most out of the training class that you organize. We can assist as little or as much as you wish. 

We also offer certification courses for RouterOS. These include virtually all of the training programs that RouterOS offers, and all of these are MikroTik Certified Programs, not just a "basic” course offered by someone that has no standing with MikroTik. These are the real deal!

Requirements for attending class — At least 6-12 months working with RouterOS. Knowledge of ARPs, TCP/IP Routing and subnetting. Prior wireless deployment
experience a plus.

RouterOS Workshop Includes

·  On-Site Trainer
·  Arrival Day Prior and Depart the Day After the Course
·  Certified MikroTik Trainer
·  Author of "Learn RouterOS”
·  Up to 15 Students
·  Lab Book containing all slides, notes pages, as well as LAB section for students to keep!

Training Price

5 Day RouterOS Advanced Training; $15,0000*
+Flight Costs
+Flight Travel $500 a day weekend, $1,500 Weekday
Flight Cost: Actual Ticket Price

Driving Costs

Drive Time: $500 Per Day + Mileage, $1,500 Weekday + Mileage

On-Site Costs

Hotel, Trainer Accommodations
+Actual Hotel Cost
Note: Typical hotels are Hilton Branded Properties

+Per-Diem (Food, Drink, Misc.) $40 per day
+Car Rental Actual Rental Cost

Other Optional Items

"Learn RouterOS” Training Book $40 per student
HAP ac2- current pricing -- Any multiport route with dual radios (2  and 5 GHz) will work.  
5 Day RouterOS Advanced Training —Resell Rights** $2,000

*Standard Course -- Invites people from your origination to attend the course.  It does NOT guarantee passing of Certification tests.  
**Reseller Rights — Allows you to "resell” a training course to other individuals from other companies or businesses. You can resell seats at your whatever price you wish via whatever means you wish. You will handle all resell costs.  It does NOT guarantee passing of Certification tests.  

Our 5 Day Workshop includes the following topics and course outline.

1. Introductions
2. Getting you On-Line
3. RouterOS Hardware
4. RouterOS Licensing
5. Using WinBox
6. RouterOS Installation - Hardware Recovery
7. Files - Backup and Restore
8. Packages
9. RouterOS User Management
10. DNS and DHCP Systems
11. Routing
12. Policy Based Routing
13. Masquerading
14. NAT
15. Traffic Identification & Connection States
16. Firewalling
17. Advanced Firewalling
18. Applying Practical Solutions with Firewalling
19. Traffic Control
20. Bandwidth Management
21. Queuing
22. Wireless Theory
23. Link Path Analysis
24. Antennas
25. Configuration of Wireless Interfaces
26. Access/Connection/Registration Lists
27. Wireless Security
28. WDS/NStream
29. Wireless Tools
30. Hotspots
31. Radius
32. VLANs
33. EoIP
35. OVPN
37. Building Tunnels based on
38. ARP
39. UPnP
40. Traffic Flow / NetFlow
41. M3P
42. Serial Ports
43. Logging
44. Bandwidth Test
45. Packet Sniffing
46. Graphing
47. E-Mail
48. Web Proxy
49. Dynamic Routing